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Mailing Bag XS

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Articleno.: 03sb00a5
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Cheap mail order bags in size XS, approx. 19 x 25 cm (oversize A5)
This bag type is suitable for shipment of clothes and a cheap packaging solution when choosing bag for shipment.

Size XS is suitable for sending eg. Stockings, scarves, tops, hats and swimwear.

Made of coexfilm, so it's white outside and black inside, so you can not look through it.

The bag is made of LDPE plastic, which means low density polyethylene. The plastic is of low density, and thus a soft plastic, which is commonly used for plastic bags. In the manufacture of this kind of polyethylene plastic, oil is partly used, and in the disposal of the combustion the plastic is converted into steam, and then carbon dioxide and water.

Size A5+.
Format 190 x 250 + 40 mm klap.
Thickness: 50 micron
Amount: 100 stk.

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