10 inspiring packaging trends for 2022

The past year has brought many changes in lifestyles, consumption patterns and therefore, business strategies. Packaging is increasingly used as an important marketing tool when brands need to differentiate themselves from competitors. The perfect packaging in 2022 focus on sustainability, functionality and personal brand identity.
10 inspiring packaging trends for 2022

The epidemic has led to major behavioral changes among consumers in recent years. In 2021, we learned exactly how important e-commerce has become for our daily lives and careers. In the first six months of last year, Danish e-commerce grew by a staggering 26% to a total consumption approaching DKK 100 billion, according to a report from The Danish Chamber of Commerce. This has forced companies to reconsider their positioning, brand message and core values. It is now more important than ever to bring great brand experiences directly to the customers doorstep, in order to meet the customers where they are now, and where they will be tomorrow.

The packaging trends for 2022 all revolve around giving consumers new and more immersive brand experiences. To quote Steve Jobs, "Packaging can be a theater; it can create a story". Your packaging and wrapping is an important way for consumers to interact with your brand. This can be the deciding factor for a consumer choosing you over a competitor, and is the reason why you should invest in the right packaging elements in everything from materials to styles.

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1. A personal touch
Packaging trends in 2022 are mainly about providing consumers with a new, more authentic brand experience. The pandemic and the growth in e-commerce have shifted the focus from packaging merely being another sales method to becoming an extension of a company´s brand history. Consumers want to be viewed as individuals rather than as large, demographic groups. This means, that packaging designs must be more playful, engaging and personal. Choose packaging that makes a statement about your brand, for example by including a "Thank You" card, to make the shopping experience much more personal.


2. Safety is paramount

More than ever before, both health and safety are a top priority for consumers, whether you sell groceries, subscription boxes, or other e-commerce or retail goods. Modern packaging solutions are protective and allow customers to quickly notice if their products have been tampered with or otherwise compromised in any way. Tamper-proof packaging should have one or more clear indicators of whether the packaging has been broken in the time between dispatch and the customer receiving the parcel.

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3. Sustainable packaging

We have been talking about sustainable packaging and wrapping for years, and it is still one of the most important trends in 2022. During the pandemic, consumers have realised just how much household waste they actually accumulate from their shopping habits. The modern consumer tends to expect that the brands they support have a sustainability practice that matches their own values. Packaging that is environmentally friendly, uses fewer resources and produces less waste has become popular. However, sustainability is only considered a critical factor by consumers, when it does not diminish the product´s functionality. The goal is therefore to increase sustainability without compromising quality.

4. Minimalist design

The concept behind minimalist packaging and wrapping is simple: in a retail environment where everything on the shelf is screaming for your attention, it is the simplistic, confident package that stands out. Minimalist packaging also has other advantages: it looks stylish, and can be both a cheaper and more sustainable choice. Minimalist packaging strives to use less materials, style, ink and space - which is a big contrast to ´luxury packaging´. Reducing a product´s packaging design to its core is a smart way to brand your company, as it appeals to consumers who are often overwhelmed by the diversity of multicoloured and textured packaging alternatives otherwise found today. Choose solid-coloured, simple packaging and pair it with strong product statements in 2022.

5. Transparent packaging

A newer trend, becoming increasingly popular with consumers is transparent packaging. By choosing see-through packaging, you are letting the product sell itself. Buyer´s get a great impression of the product´s overall appearance, texture, and in some cases also the health of the item. Transparent packaging provides a more interactive packaging experience that entices the customer to take a closer look at your product. Jakodan has a large variety of transparent packaging!

6. Reusable bags

The bag restrictions introduced by the Danish government in early 2021 continue to have a major impact on the choice of packaging in the retail trade. At the same time, consumers´ sharpened focus on the environment and recycling has led to an increase in demand for reusable bags. This means that bags made from textile is the most popular choice in 2022. Many customers also opt out of buying bags completely this year. If you want to make your packaging more recognisable, rather than just handing customers their goods with no bag, you can choose to wrap the product in a sheet of tissue paper with a small label to close it. That way, the customers still get a unique packaging experience when purchasing your products.

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7. Packaging that makes connections

The modern brand in 2022 makes it easy for consumers to communicate directly with the company through their website, social media and other brand experiences. Therefore, many companies now choose to use interactive packaging materials such as printing QR codes on tape, boxes etc. This smart form of branding transforms customer interactions with your brand, strengthens trust and makes your packaging completely unique. The QR code can link to your social media to encourage customers to share their brand experience, or make it easy to return items by leading them to a return page on your website. There are many options! At Jakodan, we can help you print your personal QR code on tape.

8. Vintage designs

As vintage designs and colours have reappeared in the fashion industry, many companies are also choosing to have their packaging be inspired by this trend. Think vibrant colours and groovy designs if you want your brand to show that its on the forefront when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Choose vintage packaging with a beautiful aesthetic, elegant colour combinations and exciting designs, to make your products more eye-catching and attractive to 2022 consumers.

9. Affordable alternatives

2022 is still affected by price increases for raw materials worldwide - and this unfortunately also applies to packaging. This is why, many companies this year are looking for ways to save money when choosing packaging. One way that your brand could save on your packaging costs is by offering a simple and minimalist packaging experience. You could also choose to ship your products in packaging which is easy to handle and thus, making it faster to pack each individual order. 

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10. Unboxing

In line with the trend, that many private individuals on social media platforms are now hired by companies to advertise or influence their followers to buy certain products, choice of packaging design has become even more important. "Unboxing" is a recent trend on social media, where customers or influencers share their brand experience on videos, where they open a parcel they receive in the mail, and share their opinion on everything such as the packaging, presentation and product. For webshops and retail stores that sell directly to consumers, it is important to have "unboxing worthy" packaging, so that customers want to share their purchases on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. It has also become popular for companies to share photos and videos of their own packaging on social media, in order to differentiate themselves from competitors with similar products.

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10. Unboxing