14 creative tips for the giftbag

The gift bag is the easy and simple method for quick gift wrapping. The gift bag is especially popular with the retail trade, where many gifts are often handed over the counter. Have you thought about the fact that there can be an infinite number of fun and creative solutions for wrapping with the gift bag? Find inspiration to pack the gift bag in new creative ways here.
14 creative tips for the giftbag

Origami is a source of inspiration

The ancient beautiful paper folding techniques originated under the designation in ancient Asian traditions. With origami techniques, there are many exciting approaches to folding the paper. It is said that anything can be folded in paper if one simply has respect for when the paper is fragile and may burst. Maybe you know the lotus flower from napkins, or pleated from gradients and lampshades. The techniques are widely used today, and pretty much anything can be done when it comes to folding in paper.

Easy wrapping with many folding techniques
1 A classic approach to packing the gift bag is to bend the top of the bag a few times around and staple it with tape. Then decorate with a matching ribbon and get a delicious wrap.

2 Try folding the top of the gift bag to a point and close it on the front with a beautiful label. It gives an exclusive feel.

3 You can challenge the shape of the bag, especially if the bag is flat. Fold the top across so that the shape is almost twisted. This shape provides good spaciousness and visibility.
4 With an extra large bag, you can even play with the design language. Try folding the bag with the bottom so that it has a large triangular top and get a very unique look.
5 The classic version 1 can even be varied with all kinds of gift decorations and manilla cards to create a nice gift wrap.

6 The flat gift bag can be closed easily and quickly with a single buck and a beautiful label. The fast and still fine wrapping is ideal for the busy packer.

7 Another challenge of the design language of the gift bag can be created by folding the corners into the top so that it becomes pointed. Add a few decorative labels and the wrapping will be completely unique.

8 Slightly pleated folding at the top gives a touch to the otherwise classic "close the bag with a gift ribbon". The silk ribbon and pleated folds give your wrapping an exclusive feel.

9 Also try to close the bag with a pleated fold on the horizontal joint. The top gets pleatedly popped up, like the nostalgic folded party napkins. 

10 Tassel your top of the bag with lots of cuts for narrower strips. Here you get in particular a unique wrapping with a festive atmosphere, which exudes fireworks.

11 A classic and beautiful wrapping is easily done with a few cuts in the top of the bag, as well as a hole punch that can make a hole for the beautiful and elegant gift ribbon.

12 To that extent, the flat gift bag acquires character with a fine closure of pleated folded top, closed with clips in the middle, as a wide range of gift joy.

13 Wrap the gift in a piece of tissue paper initially, and give the gift protection and an exclusive touch. Then wrap the gift bag with a fine label as a closure. Simple, extravagant and exclusive.

14 The wide bag can be folded simply at the top, and get an elegant silk ribbon, as well as a round label at the bottom, which gives a new take on wrapping in gift bags.