7 Simple retail hacks & trends

Consumption has taken a leap towards online commerce, and the trend over the past few years has been to achieve more and more digital presence. Consumers are looking for new shopping experiences, and are looking to be inspired by products in an online context, as well as in combination with being able to touch, feel and experience the products physically in a store. We are cutting back on packaging where we can, and adding a more sustainable approach with packaging of sustainable materials and circular economy integrated in the retail industry.
7 Simple retail hacks & trends
Omnichannel shopping in the fast lane
Omnichannel means that the business sells its goods through several channels - both physically and digitally. Many webshops do very well, as they are always available online, but the physical store simply requires a physical presence which may be threatened by closures as we saw in 2020.

Omnichannel is in top focus when it comes to trends in retail because the trading trend is in strong growth. Actually, the multi-trade channel method has been a forward trend for several years, but the pandemic has really given omnichannel shopping a push forward. In practice, it is costly for the physical business to go the omnichannel path, but this one thus risks missing out on a significant growth potential without an online presence. The modern consumer also often expects the physical business to be present on digital platforms.
7 simple tips for the physical business
1. Online presence
The digital upgrade of your business can contribute a host of fancy marketing terms, such as top-of-mind, (so the customer thinks of you first) - positioning (Your brand is clear to the customer), additional sales and easy shopping available to the customer, and that the brand relationship and the customer relationship are strengthened. For example, if you are present on social media that the customer segment uses, then you can capture the customer's attention every single day.

2. Circular packaging with the fabric bag
The sustainable approach to packaging resonates in the retail industry. There will be a greater focus on sustainable packaging, minimizing waste and a more circular economy. Less disposable packaging and less buy and throw away. In this approach, the fabric bag / shopping bag / cotton net / tote bag has become incredibly popular - and most consumers always have just one fabric bag with them when shopping. Give your customer a fabric bag and increase customer service with an exclusive bag that can be recycled many times.

3. A newthinking hand-over with a tissue paper package
A recent trend we see that the plastic bag must not be handed out for free is that physical stores find new methods for an exclusive hand-over of products - now that many opt out of a bag. Wrap your item in tissue paper and give the package a small fold so that there is room for a receipt in the fold.

4. Delivery in gift bags is a hit
The generally known plastic carrier bag are seeing cutbacks. And paper bags without a handle can be handed out for a more sustainable practise, as well as gift bags and brown paper bags such as baking bags. Some of the bags are also available in large sizes, so they can hold larger parts such as blouses and trousers.

5. Recycle label on bag or tissue paper
Put a label with a sustainable statement of 100% recycled paper, and boost your storytelling, and tell about your sustainable initiatives when it comes to packaging and products. It gives goodwill and good points on the CSR account.

6. Wrapping gift cards in fine mailboxes
The mailbox in colors has been a bestseller for years, and the popularity may be due to the fact that the boxes have a super fine expression in fashionable colors, so they can be recycled for storage or go into a recyclable cycle. In addition, the boxes are manufactured locally and environmentally friendly with the FSC label. Mailbox 10 is the perfect size for gift cards and small items.

7. Box for accessories
The new boxes from Jakodan appear as an exclusive box inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The size fits perfectly with accessories such as hair clips and hair bands, and adds a graceful look to the package with the unique design. A silk ribbon at the top gives a beautiful finish.