8 Tips to a pandemic friendly party

Many are requesting how the party can be rethought into a cozy gathering where we can still laugh, chat, toast and snack under the pandemic. In many ways we can take into account and be hygienic - the party is often moved outdoors or to the virtual. Here we give a number of tips for the corona friendly party whether it is IRL or IVL.
8 Tips to a pandemic friendly party
The physical party
To that extent, the garden party will have a renaissance in 2021 and there will be a picnic, bbq party, barbecue party, bonfire cosiness and terrace tapas and everything it can draw on outdoors.
8 Tips for the corona friendly party

• Hand sanitizer for guests
Remember a hand sanitizer dispenser for your guests. Then everyone is safe and happy.

• Cellophane candy bags
Make cellophane bags for sweets and snacks that are pre-packaged. You can close the small cellophane bags with label and ribbon. Then it is like giving small gifts to its guests.

• Snack cones
Make your own snack cones from food grade grass paper. Then the guests do not get their hands in shared snack bowls. You can set up a snack bar so guests can enjoy themselves among the mix.

• Manilla name card for glass
Put manilla marks on the glass stem so that you do not switch them around.

• The gift bag for snacks
Gift bags for small goodie bags and come here in wrapped snacks such as mini chips bags, chocolate bars, caramels and sweets in packaging.

• Gift ribbon as a napkin tier
You can tie a ribbon around your napkin and insert a name card so that no one dry their mouth into the sideman's napkin.

• The guest's goodie bag
A nice colored paper bag with a handle is ideal for christenings, birthdays, etc. The carrier bags are distributed to each guest, so that unnecessary contact is reduced. Fill the bag with a small bottle of wine, soda, drink, a snack bag or remedies for the party day.

• A party picnic bag
If you are having a picnic in the garden, make a bag with self-adhesive closure filled with sandwich, soda, chip bag and candy bags.


Online party
Many also choose to hold virtual parties for, they are largely corona friendly. With a great distance between the guests, it is an amazingly good way to meet.

There are many places to meet online, where many today use group video meeting on Facebook messenger and also a medium Zoom has become incredibly popular to meet online for zoom party.

To pull the virtual event more in the real direction, it has become a whole trend to send packages out to guests and attendees. Then you can be common about the coziness in the box - and the party becomes more real.

Tips for the pandemic "party box"
You can pack a nice colored box and pamper your guests with a cake, candy, soda.

For the girl's birthday send some face masks or hats with, then there is something to laugh about.

Many are already practicing the virtual version of beer tasting, which is held by local breweries or online Friday bar with colleagues. In a mailbox you can easily pack a variety of luxury beers and snacks for virtual beer tasting. Before the party, the box or gift bag can be sent home to the guests, or handed out to the guests on occasion.