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AW19 | Classy Christmas

09-04-2019 08:51

This year's most sophisticated trend is classy Christmas packages. The stylish packages emit exclusive touch when black and golden tones in pure graphic lines meet warm notes such as rust, brown and copper.

Graphic innovations

The new sophisticated Christmas style with black, gray and brown offers a number of exciting Christmas news such as paper bags with print "We wish you a merry christmas". The design appears as an innovative Christmas motif with two styles, with the Christmas greeting highlighted in bold, curly font. The bags are environmentally friendly made from unpainted paper at the local factory. An inevitable Christmas news is the manilla labels in beautiful natural colored kraft paper, printed with Christmas motifs such as a pine cones, a fir tree and several text designs. The Manila labels are manufactured at a local Swan-labeled printing house.

Minimal moodboard

Minimum waste are the keywords that resonate in gift wrap and packaging. Cut chemistry and global transport away from manufacturing, and back we have the clean - 100% recycled paper as raw and delicious gift paper - in Danish designs from Jakodan, which is also a manufacturer in Danish factory.

Exclusive details

Packages to perfection that awaken the gift-giving joy of your customers. Create sophisticated Christmas packages with the black and gold printed gift wrapping “Noir” - or the graphical gift wrapping paper with black cross “RecycleX”. The black notes have a prominent effect with the new silk band in 38 mm. width. With the wide exclusive silk ribbon, you can create a Christmas gift wrap with a special exclusive touch.

  1. €62.50 €50.00

    Wrappingpaper Black Laquer

    Black luxury gift paper

    With paint finish

    55 cm x 100 m

  2. €15.00 €12.00 As low as: €12.50

    Grosgrain ribbon 16 mm

    Grosgrain ribbon

    Ribbed heavy fabric

    16 mm x 90 meters

    • When buying 10 pcs. €10.00
  3. €13.25 €10.60 As low as: €11.56

    Satinribbon 16 mm

    Smooth silkribbon

    Elegant qualityribbon

    16 mm x 90 meter

    • When buying 10 pcs. €9.25
  4. Price per package
    €37.50 €30.00 As low as: €36.25

    Paperbag M Christmas

    22.0 x 12.5 x 35.0 cm

    Elegant christmasbag

    100 pieces pr. pack

    • When buying 5 pcs. €29.00
  5. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrappingpaper DarkGrey

    Recyckling paper

    Matt darkgrey

    55 cm x 150 m

  6. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrappingpaper Black

    black gift paper
    Raw recyckled paper
    55 cm x 150 m

  7. Price per package
    €6.25 €5.00 As low as: €5.00

    Gift tag with print

    2.5 x 8.5 cm

    With black print

    100 pieces pr. pack

    • When buying 10 pcs. €4.00


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