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AW20 | Harvest

09-11-2020 08:00

Shades of blue will be prominent in the fashion industry this fall. Therefore, we have collected a selection of Jakodan’s best gift-wrapping paper which perfectly matches this trend. Blue packaging is best combined with the warmer shades of brown, copper and gold. Our Harvest trend highlights the colours of European autumn.


Blue and green colours are to be seen everywhere in this season; inspired by the retro fashion of the seventies and eighties. The gorgeous brown earth tones contrast the busy and hectic lifestyles of today. Gold and copper details beautifully highlight nature’s colours and provide unique prints to our gift-wrapping papers.


It is all in the details…

The unique touch to your packaging occurs when you choose to combine products with different textures. Do not match smooth, glossy silk ribbon with high-gloss paper. Instead, you should look for contrasting materials. For example, combine suede gift band with glossy ‘Mocca’ wrapping paper, or match soft, two-coloured Bakers twine with rustic recycled paper. Fall prints in aquamarine colours looks great with touches of brown, copper and gold. The delicate print of metallic leaves on our exclusive ‘Peacock’ gift wrapping paper, against the dark, matte base colour provides a stunning contrast. Finish off this season’s packaging with ivory or chocolate brown tissue paper and teal green or copper grosgrain ribbon.

  1. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrappingpaper Dustyblue

    Dimmed dark blue

    Natural recycled paper

    55 cm x 150 m

  2. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrapping paper Blue Glossy

    Light blue lacquer gift wrap

    Blank strong paper

    55 cm x 100 m

  3. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrapping paper Peacock

    With metallic print

    FSC certified paper

    55 cm x 150 m


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