25-4-2019 11:33
FSC-certified cardboard boxes
At Jakodan.dk we would like to do ours to protect the environment. We are aware that packaging is indispensable, but also results in tons of waste annually. From the summer of 2013, we have replaced all our standard cardboard boxes in the range and we now offer a full range of FSC certified boxes.
We often receive inquiries from customers who want organic boxes or sustainable packaging and FSC certification is the closest one can get on ...

FSC means the Forest Stewardship Council and the term is used internationally. They work on 10 basic principles to ensure forest and nature. The principles include ensuring compliance with laws, workers' working conditions, forest services, operating plans, etc.
The cardboard boxes from Jakodan.dk belong to the FSC Mix 70% category, which means that a large portion of recycling paper is used in production. The remaining part of new wood fibers comes from FSC certified forest areas. To be able to achieve the 100% certification, you must be able to document where all wood fibers come from. Since you can not know exactly where each piece of cardboard / paper comes from when using recycling paper, certification is called 70% instead of 100%.
If you want to read more about FSC certification of packaging, you can find information here; http://dk.fsc.org/index.htm