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SS19 | Fairy Dust

01-11-2019 06:43

Gift wrapping in shades of red pink and orange with a touch of gold and purple. The feminine nuances are in focus and the fine details of the print are right. Beautiful tones of pink, coral and red gift wrap can be combined crosswise and a gold ribbon can accentuate the elegant expression.

Gift wrap with print | Small details are in focus

In 2019, the printed gift wrapping paper must be small and expressive. Fine dots such as color splashes in matching tones or thin lines in motifs can enhance the look of your gift. The beautiful gift wrap Drops has a matt pink bottom color and orange print that can resemble small flames or drops. The combination of coral orange is wonderful and you can choose the gift ribbons in gray, acid, violet, gold or matte pink fabric to keep the style.


Pink Gift Wrap | The exclusive choice

The pink variants we have not got enough of at all, but where we previously chose to combine with gray, navy and other cold colors, we now all go into the warm golden tones. Add a ribbon of rustic brown leather, dark yellow ribbed grosgrain ribbon or a fine waxed cotton thread in delicate pink. Pick up the style with mother-of-pearl gold or a pink paper bag.

  1. €93.75 €75.00

    Wrapping paper Gold

    Shiny glossy paper

    Metallic gold

    55 cm x 100 meters

  2. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrappingpaper Fragaria

    Rose-pink bottom

    Small brown dots

    55 cm x 150 m

  3. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrappingpaper Helianthus

    Matt yellow color

    Darkyellow dots

    55 cm x 150 m

  4. Special Price: €45.00 €56.25

    €80.24 €64.19

    Wrappingpaper Pink Square

    Squared wrappinggift paper

    Light rose & Pink

    55 cm x 150 m

  5. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrappingpaper Red

    Solid color red paper

    Danish recycling quality

    55 cm x 130 m

  6. €68.75 €55.00

    Wrapping paper Pattern

    Bright orange pattern

    Printet on recyclepaper

    55 cm x 130 m

  7. €66.25 €53.00

    Wrapping paper Hearts

    Shiny lightyellow color

    With small gold hearts

    55 cm x 100 m

  8. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrapping paper Curry

    Wrapping for summer

    Pretty Yellow & Curry

    55 cm x 150 m

  9. €80.00 €64.00

    Wrapping paper Drops

    Beautiful pink

    Funky orange print

    55 cm x 150 m


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