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SS20 | Happy Earth

02-05-2020 10:26


We tribute our beautiful planet with earth friendly packaging and gift wrapping inspired by the earth. Here, the focus is on natural colored packaging and gift wrapping - as well as colors from nature's own color range. Also find sustainable items such as recycled paper, upcycled plastic collected in nature and then like that protect our globe.


Are you also crazy about the natural look? Recycled paper has never been more fashionable than it is today, because often the fashion-conscious signal in 2020 is to use sustainable materials and packaging. In this way, you can brand yourself as a very climate-conscious and responsible company that makes a difference for the environment and climate change.

Hop on the green wave and be inspired by natural hues such as olive green, mint green, dark brown, beige, forrest green and the popular dusty green.


Green Must Haves

Are you ready to walk the path of true eco vibes ?, the season SS20 offers a series of new articles with the "greenest" inspiration from the earth as an element. Put your own mark and statement on your packaging and packaging with the trendy labels with the recycling logo or with the text design so they are absolutely ideal for sending your eco signal. The labels consist of 100% recycled paper from local production.

If you want to show that you are an environmentalist, then the new bottle ribbon is a hit for your business. Namely, this ribbon is woven from remelted plastic bottles, which are collected in the wild to dispose of any of the garbage nature is burdened with. The gift ribbon is available with and without text. The text states that the ribbon is made up of recycled plastic bottles.


An important news at Jakodan is that you can now get FSC labeled gift paper. The new green stripe recycled gift paper is printed with a small FSC mark on the outside, so you can show the mark on the gift wrap. FSC stands for sustainable forestry. That is, the tree is felled in forests where there is no predatory activity on the forestry and animal and plant life is taken into account.

The ethical pack box is great news for you to send a clear signal of sustainability. A box with the FSC mark, from local production of 100% recycled paper and water-based white printed text about the box's tale.


Further reading SS20 Water and SS20 Stone.

  1. €58.75 €47.00

    Wrappingpaper Stripes

    Heavy recycled paper

    With narrow black stripes

    55 cm x 130 meter

  2. €62.50 €50.00

    Wrappingpaper Stripes


    With black stripes

    40 cm x 130 m

  3. €62.50 €50.00

    Wrapping paper Stripes


    Narrow shite stripes

    40 cm x 130 m

  4. €58.75 €47.00

    Wrapping paper Stripes

    Environmentally friendly recycling

    Narrow white stripes

    55 cm x 130 m

  5. €15.13 €12.10 As low as: €13.75

    Recycled Grosgrain 16 mm

    Produced of

    recycled bottles

    16 mm x 45 m

    • When buying 10 pcs. €11.00
  6. €18.75 €15.00 As low as: €15.00

    Cottonstring | Recycled

    Recycled cotton

    Environmentally friendly

    3 mm x 500 meter

    • When buying 10 pcs. €12.00
  7. Price per package
    €15.00 €12.00 As low as: €12.50

    Gift bag Flat XS | Ethical Pack

    12.0 x 16.5 cm

    Flat eco giftbags

    100 pcs. pr. box

    • When buying 10 pcs. €10.00
  8. Price per package
    €18.75 €15.00 As low as: €17.50

    Gift bag Flat S | Ethical Pack

    17.0 x 21.5 cm

    Flat giftbags

    100 pcs. pr. box

    • When buying 10 pcs. €14.00
  9. Price per package
    €13.75 €11.00 As low as: €10.94

    Mailing Box 40 | Ethical Pack

    22.0 x 16.0 x 7.0 cm

    100 % recycled paper

    25 pcs. pr. pack

    • When buying 20 pcs. €10.00
    • When buying 40 pcs. €8.75
  10. Price per package
    €18.75 €15.00 As low as: €15.63

    Mailing Box 50 | Ethical Pack

    29.0 x 17.5 x 8.5 cm

    100 % recycled paper

    25 pcs. pr. pack

    • When buying 20 pcs. €13.75
    • When buying 40 pcs. €12.50
  11. Price per package
    €20.00 €16.00 As low as: €16.25

    Label 5.0 CM | Recycled paper

    Gift Labels 50 mm

    Of 100% recycled paper

    500 pcs. per. roll.

    • When buying 10 pcs. €13.00
  12. €12.50 €10.00 As low as: €11.25

    Recycled Grosgrain | 9 mm

    Made of recycled

    PET bottles

    9 mm x 45 m

    • When buying 10 pcs. €9.00


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