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SS21 | Earthly

04-07-2021 10:15

Beautiful earthy tones combined with green create a natural, calm and elegant look. The stunning shades of camel, tan, mocha and nature match the styles of the season where a twist of green only complements the gift wrapping.


It’s all in the details!

When choosing shades of green and brown in your gift wrapping, it is a good idea to create contrast with your choice of accessories. Apply matt grosgrain ribbon on the smooth, glossy gift wrap – Or select waxed cotton ribbon for the rustic recycled paper. That way, you create a visual experience for the customer. Even though the colours are similar, the material selection will create a differentiation to the present.


Camouflage in new disguise

Camouflage print is versatile, and over the years it has been made and used in countless different styles. Our new wrapping paper “Camouflage” is printed with organic, soft shapes that match the alluring camel-brown colour. This paper gives any present a cool edge! When wrapping packages in various sizes, the paper creates an exciting, artistic expression because the print is not completely uniform, but rather softly creates different rounded shapes.

  1. €17.50 €14.00 As low as: €16.25

    Recycled Grosgrain 16 mm

    Produced of

    recycled bottles

    16 mm x 45 m

    • When buying 10 pcs. €13.00
  2. €16.25 €13.00 As low as: €13.75

    Recycled Grosgrain | 9 mm

    Made of recycled

    PET bottles

    9 mm x 45 m

    • When buying 10 pcs. €11.00
  3. €75.00 €60.00

    Wrapping paper Pink / Green

    FSC recycled paper

    Dusty pink / dusty green

    40 cm x 130 meters

  4. €75.00 €60.00

    Wrappingpaper Camouflage

    Sand base color

    Green pattern

    40 cm x 150 m

  5. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrapping paper Pink / Green

    FSC recycled paper

    Dusty pink / dusty green

    55 cm x 130 meters

  6. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrapping paper Camouflage

    Sand-colored bottom

    Green motif

    55 cm x 150 m

  7. €82.50 €66.00

    Wrapping paper Feather

    HolmenYellow FSC paper

    Moss green tones

    55 cm x150 m


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