16-12-2021 10:21
SS22 | Beach theme
Italian “straw” gift wrapping paper with plant prints in curry yellow, bright pink, and magenta colours. This year’s beach theme will put you in a good mood! Go find your straw hat and floral summer dress, and get inspired by beautiful, orange gift ribbons, mint-coloured tissue paper and pink stickers.

Gift wrap from Milan // Exclusive wrapping paper

As a breath of fresh air from the warm Italian skies, we have added Italian gift-wrapping paper to our collection. We have fallen in love with the 100% PCR recycled gift wrap and its stunningly warm curry yellow shade. The gift wrap is made from recycled paper which has been collected from private consumers. This is evident on the all-yellow side of the paper where the rustic look only adds to the charm. The pink-on-pink ‘Monstera’ paper with big leaves is equally as beautiful – Especially because of its yellow backside, which makes a great contrast. It is easy to add all types of gift ribbons in whichever shades and nuances you like.

Pink is this season’s favourite

We are still not tired of pink! However, this season we want to add more splashes of colours to the popular pink. Pink gift ribbons and jute yarn will give your gifts the extra little touch, that will set them apart from your competitors’. Gift the perfect ‘Beach’ present by combining these ribbons with pink-dotted, yellow, or colourful green paper with plant motif.

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‘Beach theme’ = ‘fun theme’
Think festive umbrellas, Pina Coladas, and pool parties when wrapping your summer gifts. Feel free to use a fresh, colourful, and wide ribbon if your wrapping paper has a light dusty colour. Add a sticker in either a metallic shade or with a funky statement – Even if the different colours do not necessarily match in a traditional sense. The perfect beach look is playful and creative!