17-12-2021 12:13
SS22 | Bollywood
Extravagant bohemian look with shiny silk ribbons, gold prints and beautiful little details. Be seduced by shades of purple added to dusty green and teal blue hues, with just a touch of dark brown. The mystery of the East is the theme of our ‘Bollywood’ collection, and it has amazing opportunities for those looking to upgrade their wrapping.

Shiny gold & beautiful prints

The choice of gift wrap is of great importance for a company’s brand – And the wrapping style should match the style of products in store. Here you get an abundance of stunning prints in many varieties which you will only find at Jakodan. Choose purple wrapping paper with small violet stars, teal-coloured ‘Peacock’ gift wrap with gold leaves or the beautiful ‘Olea’ and ‘Burgundy’ prints with gold dots. You can advantageously match the gift wrap with tissue paper in dusty olive green and burgundy colours – Or choose a stronger colour such as royal blue or leopard print to contrast.

Be edgy with silk ribbon

A classic, simple bow is beautiful and can be used on all gifts. If you are looking for a new style, you can wrap the silk ribbon around the gift a few times and finish with a knot. The greatest effect is achieved if the gift wrap is matte, so that the smooth, shiny silk ribbon appears extra shiny against the raw surface.
You can also take several silk ribbons and braid, as shown in photo. The result is great - and the bombastic style will bring happiness to the recipient.

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