17-12-2021 12:22
SS22 | Garden of Edith
Nature’s beautiful colours are easily recognisable in this trend, which offers exclusive designs on recycled paper, stunning little details and dusty shades of olive, cream, dark green and beige. Add a tinge of copper or metallic labels and achieve a balanced and natural yet elegant look.

Optimal utilization of nature's resources

The natural expression is reflected in the choice of materials for these beautiful wrapping papers. The cream-coloured gift-wrapping paper is a gorgeous water-based matte colour, which nicely suits the rustic backside of the paper. The gift wrap is produced in Denmark and is made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper. The green fern wrapping paper is made in Italy, also from recycled paper. The nice yellow colour on the “Fern Curry” gift wrap is printed on both sides of the paper, where the front of the paper with the fern leaves print is elegantly rustic and clearly reveals it is made from recycled paper. Use silk ribbons in natural colours, for example ones made from recycled plastic bottles or rustic hemp yarn, to complete your present. This way, you have the perfect year-round gift wrap for your shop.

Accessories // Do’s and Don’ts
Curled and split poly ribbons are a definite ‘no-go’ if you want a gift-wrapping theme that reflects the tranquillity of nature. Add jute yarn or hemp yarn to get a rustic look – Or create depth and contrast in your wrapping with smooth, silky ribbons. We have a large selection of stickers in stock, and they are available in solid, matte, or metallic colours and some even have cool texts that give off a positive message to your customers.

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