17-12-2021 12:31
SS22 | Hola Chica
Graphic lines and classic designs are dramatic, noticeable, and sends a message to your customers about your brand! Stylish designs in grey, black, and beige are simple and elegant – and you cannot go wrong with this choice of gift wrapping! Read below and find out whether your brand is more into needle stripes, glossy lacquer, or recycled wrapping paper with beautiful prints.

‘The little black’

The term ‘the little black’ originates from the fashion industry and suggests that you always have a classic, little, black dress in your wardrobe that you can wear on any occasion. The same goes for our recycled paper with classic, black needle stripes. This is the design in our gift-wrapping collection which we have had the longest – and it is certainly not without reason! Customers often prefer recognisability when it comes to different brands, and this paper can be used all year round, only changing accessories depending on the season. Add a black, square statement sticker on the gift, or a round label that says, “packed with love”. Finish up with untraditional gift ribbons such as extra wide silk ribbon or waxed string.

‘Monstera’ – Breath of Italian air

One of our most beautiful ‘new in’ products this year is the curry-yellow fern gift-wrapping paper from Milan, Italy. The wrapping paper is made from recycled paper fibres. The simplistic beige-coloured wrapping paper with black print is perfect for the brands that want modern designs without too many bright colours.

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Easily achieve an unrefined and rustic look by simply tying a knot on your silk ribbon and cutting the end-pieces very short (rather than tying a large bow). Choose instead to wrap a thin, black waxed string around the present, and let the beautiful gift-wrapping paper speak for itself.