17-12-2021 12:53
SS22 | Sea Breeze
We love the colour blue – and this dusty-blue gift wrap gives off a retro vibe of Nordic vintage. Blue shades symbolise a feeling of freedom, and the combination of the optimistic yellow and sand colours are uplifting.

Herringbone cotton ribbon & floral Magnolia print

Tightly woven cotton ribbon is soft and thick, and the good quality is easily noticeable when the recipient is untying the knot to open a present. The beautiful Magnolia floral design is printed in a delicate shade of blue and the back is a solid-coloured dusty blue, just like the sky. Combine the two products and add a sticker made from recycled paper with a cool statement. Whether you want your statement to be 'packed with love', 'you are pretty awesome' or 'thank you for supporting a small business', we are sure that the little extra message to the customer will bring happiness!

Create a lasting look and make good colour choices!
When thinking about branding your boutique or online store, it is important that you do not just follow the trends in fashion. You need to choose a gift-wrapping paper that you like. This way, your customers will notice the passion for your brand in the packaging. Keep your gift wrap in similar colours from season to season and only change small details on an ongoing basis – such as a different type of gift ribbon, a new sticker or gift wrap in a different colour but keeping within the same style. It's your brand and your store! In the ‘Sea Breeze’ category you will find standard designs such as plain dusty blue paper and rustic recycled paper without print. Styles that last season after season and which can be used all year round.

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