Sustainable christmas | Do's & don'ts

When it comes to choosing a kickass gift wrap for your Christmas gifts that gives plus points to your CSR account, sustainability is a must! Here you get rock solid tips on how to pack this year's Christmas gifts with a clear conscience.
Sustainable christmas | Do's & don'ts
Shop gift wrap made in Denmark, FSC certified and made from recycled wood fibers.
Danish production reduces CO2 emissions rather than foreign production. The FSC certification is your guarantee that the paper is made under proper conditions and by using recycled paper, rather than new wood fibers, you ensure that no extra trees are felled unnecessarily.

… You can e.g. choose our all-time favorite go-to design with classic, narrow stripes - Designs last all year round!
Instead of using a classic plastic or fabric ribbon, you can take a look at gift ribbons made from recycled materials. Shop cotton string made from raster from textile factories - Or use ribbed gift ribbons from recycled plastic bottles. Both parts are made in the East, but help to reduce the amount of waste in nature.

A surefire sustainable hit for the package's decoration are the beautiful manilla stamps, which can be used as to and from cards - and which are made at a local, Danish, Nordic Ecolabelled printing house. The fine recycled stickers can also be written on, or you can choose a pre-printed statement.

- Danish gift wrap made of 100% recycled paper

- Gift ribbons made from recycled materials

- 'Accessories' in sustainable materials
Did you know that you can not print with metallic colors, without actually using real metal in the color? To hit real gold and silver colors, you add metals and it is a no-go if you want to make sustainable gifts! You do not have to buy printed gift wrap, but simply avoid the metallic colors. Our other inks are all water-based and fully live up to the strict Danish environmental requirements in the area.

- Glitter & metallic colors!

- Gift wrapping produced far away

- Plastic coated gift wrap


Gift wrap that is produced in the East or elsewhere far from Denmark must be transported up here by shipping container or truck - and the unnecessary freight leads to greater CO2 emissions, which we can just as well avoid - When now there are high-quality alternatives from Danish factories. In these times, it is also important to support locally, so when you buy Danish-produced gift wrap, you hit two birds with one stone!

If you are mostly into shiny lacquer paper, you should always choose real lacquer paper, rather than plastic-coated. Some factories put a whole thin plastic film on top of the paper to make it shine. It looks super nice and gives a strong paper - But the gift wrap can not be recycled when it is plastic coated, as you can not separate plastic and paper and recycle it separately. At Jakodan, we therefore only have real lacquer paper in stock - And of course it is also FSC certified and produced in Denmark, just like the rest of our large gift paper range!