The insider packaging tips

How does the packaging company itself pack its goods with packaging products - and which criteria give the highest weight to the choice of packaging from the packaging expert himself. Read more when the super packer Mads gives his best tips and tricks for packaging goods.
The insider packaging tips
Mads is team leader at Jakodan and has worked at the warehouse since 2016, where he has previously worked with food packaging and educated as a warehousing and logistics employee. He is passionate about doing a good job so that customers at Jakodan can have their goods delivered quickly and accurately.

Mads has a good sense of order, and when he was employeed some years ago he introduced location numbers so that the goods can be picked up efficiently, precisely and easily from the warehouse with fewer picking errors. In general, Mads is a supporter of streamlining and improving, he finds great pleasure in shortening the workflows and optimizing. "Work smart not hard" he smiles.
Work en mas
What is Mads doing at Jakodan?

“I pick and trim items, pack stock items for customers and ship. In addition, we optimize the warehouse and locations, receive new goods, replenish, maintain stock status - and then we streamline and shorten the workflows ", says Mads.

How do the warehouse staff at Jakodan work?

We have a one pack team and one pallet team. We have runners who help pick the goods from shelves and locations, then the goods are placed on a trolley with the order confirmation, and then the goods are packed in boxes - and the boxes are packed well with lots of strong packing tape, so the package is solid packed aswell as protected during shipping. Our most important task is that the orders are packed quickly so that the customer can have his goods the next day.

Warehouse survival kit

Mads' essential remedies in the work in addition to computer, where he can check up on the ERP system, are partly a number of stock items, which Jakodan sells in its own range, as Jakodan sells many varieties of packaging and stock accessories. You can shop your own favorites at the bottom of the article.

• Logo candy for the benefit of our customers.

• Cardboard boxes: Standard cardboard boxes, mailboxes, packfix and multiwell.

• Box filling The Speedman box filling protects the goods in an environmentally friendly way.

• PPS tape Ready packing tape to close the small openings at the ends of the box.

• Logo tape for recognition - all the way around. With accompanying tape dispensers.

• Universal tape dispenser that can be used by both left and right handed.

• Hobby knife with 18 mm. in width.

• Weight to weigh the boxes before shipping labels are applied.

• Plastic pockets for delivery note with recipient address and name and or place of delivery.

• Thermal labels on which a consignment note is printed with postage, recipient and qr code for tracking.

Warehouse survival kit

The favorites
PPS and PVC packing tape are the favorites because it gives the pack hold, sticks well, and does not make noise. It does not break easily. It just has an amazing adhesion. In contrast, the cheap PPA tape is less quiet and has less adhesion, but it is better for packing in cold rooms, as it is more cold-resistant.

The box-filled Speedman box is also super good! - not so much filling is needed, compared to other box filling. It is made of recycled paper - and then it is strong and robust, so the goods are firmly in the box. It is easy to use and tear to pieces.

Another big favorite is the logo candy - Mentos with fruit flavor. "I send two bags like this in happy hour", he smiles. Then the customers will be SO happy!
The best package tips

Find a box that fits the items to start with, and have the items fill the box as much as possible. Then the goods protect themselves, by not slipping around in the box. Otherwise, the goods may damage each other inside the box during shipping.

Note that if you are sending fragile items such as ceramics, then you need to choose a larger box so that there is extra space for the items to be wrapped in bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard.


Mads recommends the ingenious tip of cutting the cardboard box down in height so that it fits with the item. Again, the item is best protected from being packed in packaging with perfect fitting. Alternatively, you can also pack in a webbox or some of the packfix, which can be adjusted in height.


Put tape on the ends of the box and all the way around. Then there is hold on the package. Let the tape run over itself, instead of just on the box, then it will be more solid packed. Use plenty of tape to keep the package lasting during transport.

Note that this applies to regular folding boxes. Mailboxes and packfix do not need tape.


It is better to do it properly the first time than for the goods to be damaged during transport. Then you save yourself for returning damaged goods and dissatisfied customers, so it pays off to a great extent.
Green hack for packing
At Jakodan, we store the boxes in which we receive goods and reuse the boxes.

• Then we save the environment from unnecessary waste when we recycle what could have turned into rubbish.

• The boxes from goods receipt are quick and easy to use, as they are assembled, and then we do not throw out gold.