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Bubble Mailers size 7 | Eco

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Eco-friendly version of the standard bubble envelope as you know it - the same protection, but better for the environment.

The outer paper layer on the bubble envelope is made of quick grass!

Græspapir is a renewable resource that grows very fast and which, with its long fibers, is very suitable for the production of environmentally friendly paper.

The grass paper gives a very unique recycling look - The surface is rough and rustic and you can see small pieces of grass in the paper.

The print on the back is green and shows both the size of the envelope, the barcode as well as the logo for grass paper and that the bubble envelope is climate neutral.

The plastic in the eco bubble envelope is made of partially recycled plastic. The eco-friendly bubble envelope is from a climate neutral factory, which means that the factory meets a wide range of environmental requirements, in order to use the climate neutral label, which is printed on the back of the envelope.

Exterior dimensions 250 x 350 mm

Internal dimensions 225 x 340 mm

Quantity: 100 pcs.

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