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Ribbon printer | 12 & 24 mm

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Articleno.: 01brpt710

Cube printer from Brother for printing your own gift ribbon with print.

Gift ribbons are available in 7 different colors and 2 different widths, either 12 or 24 mm.

The gift ribbon is in a small cassette, which you buy next to it, and it has a nice high-gloss, laminated surface ..

A cable is included that you can use to connect the gift ribbon printer to your PC or Mac. When connected to a computer, you get the opportunity to add your company logo, barcodes or special symbols as desired.

You can also download an app for the gift ribbon printer for free and have it on your mobile or tablet. (The app is called "Design & Print" from Brother Industries). In the app you can easily choose the font and different layouts, emojis m.m.

This gift ribbon printer has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged by connecting it to your computer. You can also buy an adapter if you instead want to be able to charge it without using a computer.

Model | Brother Cube PT-P710 BTH.

2 years gurantee

Charged via USB port in your PC or Mac or by purchasing an adapter.

Gift Ribbon & Tape are purchased separately


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