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Mailing Bag | Bio plastic M/L

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Eco-friendly shipping plastic bags are the best bet for a sustainable shipping of clothing.

When you have a webshop with sustainable children's clothes, organic cotton stockings or other environmentally friendly products, it is important that the packaging bag you send your goods in also sends the right signal to your customers.

Bioplastics are as strong and durable as ordinary plastic. The difference is that instead of being based on oil and gas, the plastic film is made on a base of sugar cane. Sugarcane grows rapidly and is therefore a renewable resource. They absorb large amounts of CO2 as they grow.

By throwing the bag in the garbage bin after use to end up on the incinerator, the bag does not harm the environment - It evaporates and turns into carbon dioxide and water (like ordinary LDPE plastic).

The mailingbags fine motif of leaves is printed in gray-green hue.

ATTENTION!! In the bottom left corner of the bag we have made a text in dänish. It translates to:
CO1 neutral carrier bag, Based on sugar cane, produced in Denmark ”.

“I’m green” foil
Plastic film thickness 65 microns
Pouch size 40.0 x 48.0 cm
The flap measures 5.0 cm

100 Pieces pr. pack

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