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Strech paper | White / Brown

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Sustainable alternative to bubble wrap your packaging during shipment. The paper gives the package a nice look and protects the goods during transportation.

Get an exclusive wrapper that gets noticed! Geami Wrappak Exbox Mini from Ranpak consists of two layers of paper. Inside is a white interleaf paper that protects against scratches. Outermost is a layer of brown stretch kraft paper with cut slits. The slits make the protective paper flexible so you can pack it around the item without the use of tape.

The dispenser box fits perfectly into the packing table in your webshop and is super easy to use. Protective wrapping is essential in any e-commerce store and with Geami Wrappak, your customers get a great unboxing experience.

By choosing Geami Wrappak, the environmental footprint is reduced compared to if you choose bubble wrap. Paper is a natural, recyclable and renewable resource - And the paper in this dispenser is even FSC certified, in the category called FSC mix. This means that the protective paper has a high content of recycled paper and that it comes from controlled forestry.


The brown kraft paper is 80 grams and fills approx. 30.5 cm x 80-135 meters (depending on how much it is stretched).

The white tissue paper is 22 grams and fills approx. 30.5 cm x 135 meters.

Each dispenser box weighs approx. 5 kilos.

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