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LP Box / Vinyl box

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Articleno.: 03LPK001
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  • When buying 40 pcs. €30.00

Vinyl boxes must be extra strong and secure for shipping the fragile vinyls.

This box is specially developed by Jakodan for shipping LPs in collaboration with our customers in the record industry.

The vinyl box is a large, strong box made in Denmark from FSC certified cardboard.

The box has the same closing mechanism as a mailbox, but in each end of the LP box there is a built-in insert, which provides extra protection.

If you need to use the box to send a small number of LPs, e.g. 10 pieces, you can easily use the same LP box, if you just fill the box so that the box is completely filled.

Shipping up to 30 LPs depending on thickness.

Internal dimensions 31.4 x 31.4 x 15.0 cm

Quality EB70

FSC certified

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