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Mailingbag XL | Ethical Pack

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Sustainable web bags for shipping and packing clothing and textiles with the ethical pack brand.

This mail order bags are made of 100% recycled plastic, which can be remelted to new plastics upon disposal.

The bag has an eco-friendly signal element with text on the eco-friendly history of the bag, so you can send a clear and strong message to your customer that you are using sustainable packaging.

The recycled plastic mailbags are perfect for shipping larger items of clothing and textiles, such as blankets, bedding, jackets, pillows and the like.

The plastic material consists of the type of LDPE plastic which is converted into carbon dioxide and water when the bag is disposed of at the incinerator. The bag contains no heavy metals or the like. harmful substances.

The mail bag is made from recycled plastic which can have many different colors and when you mix all these colors the plastic becomes uneven and cloudy in the color. Therefore, we have added a little black color so that the bag looks nice and at the same time opaque. The color may vary slightly from time to time, depending on which colors of plastic are recycled.

The bags are made in Denmark at a Danish factory.

The bag measures 550 x 770 mm inside.

The closing flap measures 50 mm.

Thickness 60 microns.

100 pieces. per. package

Weight 55 grams per PCS.

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