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Mailing Bag bio M

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€31.25 €25.00
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Bioplastic packaging bags are the environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary plastic when you need a bag for packaging clothes during shipment.

The bags are made in fashionable colors and have prints on both front and back.

On the front is written in insta-friendly style; "Plantastic to see you - I am an earth friendly bio bag" along with a small print of a sugar cane plant.

On the back, the biobag is marked with both "I'm green" and "Ethical Pack" as well as information about the material.

The bag consists partly of sugar cane plastic (55-95%) and partly ordinary plastic. Sugar cane grows quickly and is therefore CO2 neutralizing and at the same time the oil normally used for the production of plastic is replaced with bio-based oil from the plants.

Sugarcane is growing in South America.

Format 340 x 420 mm

Made in Denmark

Plastic thickness 60 microns

100 pcs. pr. pack

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