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Recycled Grosgrain 16 mm

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€15.63 €12.50
Articleno.: 03gb9567H
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Sustainable gift ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles from soft drinks.

The bottles are collected in Taiwan, where the pollution of plastic in nature is high. The plastic is melted and transformed into fine threads which are collected on giant coils and are sailed to the ribbon factory. Here, the threading weave becomes a gift ribbon, which completely resembles the ordinary ribbed ribbon, just as you know it.

In order for you to show your customers that you have thought about the environment, we have chosen to print a text in the same color as the tape. The text is not so prominent, but gives an exclusive touch to the design. The text says "I am made from recycled plastic bottles".

The gift ribbon is delivered on brown cardboard reels, where the recycle sign is shown as bottles and the text "Recycled PET Bottles". This way you ensure that the gift ribbon sends the right signal to customers who visit your store.

16 mm wide

50 yards (approx. 45 meters) per roll

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