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Tissuepaper | acid-free

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Acid-free tissue paper in fine pale pink hue, which can be used to make wrapping your items especially exclusive.

The acid-free tissue paper is extra gentle on what is wrapped compared with plain tissue paper. Use acid-free tissue paper printed matter such as posters and photos.

In addition, the tissue paper is ideal for jewelry, as ordinary tissue paper can also be hard for the jewelry surface and parts. Also, when wrapping fine gown dresses and wedding dresses with delicate parts, it will be advantageous to use acid-free tissue paper to avoid discoloration on the fine beads, sequins, metallic parts and the like.

17 gr / m2 tissue paper.
Quantity: 480 sheets.
Format 500 x 750 mm.
(The sheets are folded once in the middle into bundles of 24 sheets inside the package)

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