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Dried Eelgrass | Sustainable

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Along the danish North Zealand beaches, eelgrass is collected and dried to exclusive box filling.

The dried seaweed has a very faint scent of hay.

Eelgrass is also an excellent food, where you harvest the edible seaweed water when it is to be used for food - Contrary to this box filling which is not harvested, but consists exclusively of the seaweed that is washed up on the beach.

Eelgrass is also called bandweed and it is a plant that absorbs large amounts of CO2 and nutrients in the water.

In the old days, eelgrass was used as fertilizer in the fields and your customer can use the filling as fertilizer in the garden.

100% natural product

Produced in Denmark (North Zealand).

Can be composted in the garden or thrown away with food waste

8 kilos pr. box


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