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Mailing bag M

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Shipping bag of plastic for shipment of clothes from your webshop.
Very strong strong bags so your shipment is well protected.
The bags are black inside so you can not see through them and white without on.
The shipping bags are extra strong with wide welds on the sides and permanent glue closure.
The medium bags fit for shipping eg. Blouses, shirts, cardigans and other packaging. The size is approx. Like two pieces of copy paper next to each other.
Optimal packaging for shipping and delivery of clothing and textiles.

The shipping bags are made of LDPE plastic, which is the plastic commonly seen in plastic carrier bags. LDPE stands for Low Density Poly Ethylene, which means it is a soft plastic. Upon return, this type of plastic can be remelted to new plastics or sent to the combustion where it is converted into steam.

Size 320 x 420 + 60 mm flap
Thickness 70 micron

100 pcs. pr. box

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