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Carrierbags S Colour

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€13.75 €11.00
Articleno.: 01bp2535

Plasticbags with handle in beautiful colours.

Choose from (on picture form left) red, black, transparent, lime, lightblue, pink, darkgrey, white, avocado and rose.

The plastic bag is made of soft ordinary plastic called LDPE plastic. This plastic is made of water and carbon, and when made with a little oil added.

When disposed of, the plastic can be disposed of as plastic for remelting with other soft LDPE plastic, or the plastic can be delivered to the combustion where it is converted into steam.

The bag is fit for size A4 catalogues, scarfs, thirts, kidsclothing and other small things.


Size 250 x 350 mm

Quality 40 my

100 pcs. pr. box

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