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Mailing Box 10 Dusty Rose

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Small colored post boxes in beautiful dusty rose color. The mini boxes are ideal for shipping of small exclusive articles – and the boxes will be good for the business with the target group - the feminine segment with the lovelt pastel pink.

The small charming boxes are extremely useful in the delivery of small products like accessories, jewelry, postcards and fragile articles. They are great for wrapping, for example gift cards aswell.

The boxes are made of thick paper in good strong quality, they are made of FSC-certified paper on Danish factory. The boxes are white on the inside and with a fine pale pastel pink color on the outside.

The boxes quickly folds and box rectangular solid shape makes it very easy to pack the box into wrapping paper and band, giving it a stylish and cool minimal look.


The inside size 170 x 105 x 30 mm

Outer size 185 x 115 x 32 mm

25 pcs. per. package

Weight 33.2 grams per. PCS.


Made of FSC-certified paper on Danish factory.

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