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Cheap tissue paper in large wholesale packages at attractive price. The tissue paper is a fine and light quality weighing 17 grams per piece. m2. The paper has a silky smooth surface.

The tissue paper is available in a wealth of great colors throughout the color range. Available in cerise, gray, white, black, pink etc.

The paper can be used as packaging or wrapping in your store or webshop. The tissue paper is perfect for wrapping gifts and products. For example, wrap tissue paper around your items before wrapping them in gift wrap or boxes. If you send posters, you can also roll a tissue paper around the poster with a label before packing it in the packaging.

If you need to store or pack photos or jewelry for an extended period of time, we recommend using acid-free tissue paper.

The paper is also particularly useful for creative DIY projects such as decoupage, Christmas decorations, tissue paper flowers and more.

17 gr./m2 tissuepaper

480 sheets pr. pack

Size pr. sheet 500 x 750 mm.

(The sheets are folded one time down the middle when you recieve them, in bundles of 24 sheets inside the pack)

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