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Textilebag M | Ethical Pack

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Format: 325 x 420 mm + 60 mm flap.
Quality: MDPE 40 min. Quantity per. Box: 500 pcs.

Delicious mail order bags specially made for shipment of clothes and textiles. The bags are not as strong in thickness as our standard mail order bags, but they are made in a very durable custom made plastic film that is especially suitable for shipment of clothes. The weighing weighs very little and makes the bags durable.

Outside the bag is a plastic pocket - Use it for example. To put your shipping letter (eg webpack) in your pocket, put the customer's delivery note or perhaps a postcard or small advertising flyer. The bag has bottom fold, ie. It can be folded into the bottom, like a normal carrying bag. It provides much better space and makes it easier to handle.

The bottom of the bag is micro-perforated, which means that a lot of small microscopic holes have been made. The holes are so small that the bag does not break or become less water-repellent. It's a smart feature that the bag does not fill air when packing, making it easier to handle under the package and fills less.

On all of our mail order bags there is glue closure, which means pulling a strip off when you need to close it and the bag is self-adhesive like an envelope. The glue is permanent so you can not open and close the bag several times. The textile bags have double closure - When you close the bag, there is an extra glue closure so your customer can easily return in the same bag without the need for tape. Use this as a sales strike on your website to show your customers that you provide a good customer service.

Between the two glue closures, the bag is perforated, so it is easily opened by your customer without the need for scissors.

Shipping bags are cheap packaging compared to traditional packaging such as cardboard boxes, bubble converter and the like. Perfect for use in your webshop.

The bags are made of MDPE plastic - Medium Density Poly Ethylene, which is slightly tougher in the plastic than ordinary plastic bags. The plastic is made of water and carbon, and after use it can be remelted into new plastic or disposed of through the combustion ring where the plastic is converted into steam.

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