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Customized printed tape

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Have your logo, URL, QR-code or advertisement printed on the tape.

Logo tape makes it easier for your forwarder or customer to recognize your package, and the customer gets a more professional impression of your company.

It is an inexpensive way to promote your company!

Customized tape can be made in various widths, qualities and colors.

The minimum quantity of customized packing tape in 50 mm are 36 rolls. The delivery time for logo tape is about 2-3 weeks after proofreading.


Call or write an e-mail for an offer.


On the photos to the left you can see examples of customized tape.

Photo 1: has chosen a clear tape with a red logo, which is printed repeatedly throughout the whole tape.

Photo 2: has chosen a tape made from black plastic with silver text and matching selfadhesive pocket.

Photo 3: on a yellow "warning"-tape.


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