mailingbox 10 colored + logo

Colored Maillingbox

With your logo

2000 pcs. - Click to read more

Colored Maillingbox

With your logo

2000 pcs. - Click to read more

1,700.00 EUR
When buying 2 pcs. 1,460.00 EUR
When buying 3 pcs. 1,340.00 EUR

When we print our own mailboxes without a logo for our warehouse, you can take advantage of the large amount of quantity and get your own logo on the boxes.

This price is calculated from mailingbox size 10 and quality and dyeing are as good as you know it from our standard mailboxes.

The price is for 2000 pieces of boxes with your logo in black max. 10 x 17 cm on the lid of the box.

If you have any other wishes, please contact us for price.

You choose which pantone color the box should have as a bottom color.


When we produce there may be delivered more or less than 2000 pcs. When ordering these 2000 pcs. you can get between 1800-2300 pcs. delivered. You only have to pay for the quantity delivered, for example 2050 pcs., you will be billed for the extra 50. If we produce less, e.g. 1950 pcs. of course you only pay for the1950 pieces.

The bottom color must not be too dark as you will not be able to see the print properly on a dark bottom. We would like to advise you about the choice of inks.

We print in pools approx. every 3 months, so we collect more orders together and print them together to give you the lowest price. When ordering this item we will contact you with approx. delivery date and you are of course allowed to say no thanks if you regret.

You must provide us with a logo or print ready for use. No graphical setup hours are included in the price.

After ordering, you will receive an artwork for approval. You can undo the order until you have approved the review.

The inside size 170 x 105 x 30 mm

Outer size 185 x 115 x 32 mm

Item number: trykP10+1