mailingbox 20 colored + logo

Colored Maillingbox

With your logo

2000 pcs. - Click to read more

Colored Maillingbox

With your logo

2000 pcs. - Click to read more

2,400.00 EUR
When buying 2 pcs. 1,820.00 EUR
When buying 3 pcs. 1,600.00 EUR

Our mailboxes without logo are printed in large quantities to our warehouse and you can take advantage of the large amount and get your own logo on the mailboxes.

The price is calculated from a mailbox in size 20 in the same quality and printing as our standard boxes.

This price applies to 2000 pieces. cardboard boxes with logo in black max. 10 x 20 cm on the box lid.

If you would like another type of print, please contact us for a quote.

You decide which bottom color the box should have, but it can not be too dark, as you will not see the logo properly.


There may become a little less or more when we produce. When you order 2000 pcs. can you get 1800-2300 pcs. delivered. You have to pay for the amount we deliver, that is, if we deliver less than 2000 pcs. we will bill you less - and if you get e.g.100 pieces extra delivered, you will be billed for the 100 additional boxes.

Every 3 months we print a new pool, that is, we collect more orders together and print at the same time - to give you the best price.

Once you have ordered, we will contact you with the next delivery date and you can of course thank you no if you think it takes too long.

You must send us the advertisement or logo you would like printed on the box. There is no graphic setup in this offer.

Once we have received your print, we will make a proof for you, which you must approve. Once you have approved the proof, the order can no longer be canceled.

Inside dimensions 25.0 x 16.0 x 3.0 cm

We would like to send you free samples for our standard boxes so you can see and feel the quality.

Item number: trykP20+1