Privacy Policy
Personal data means information that can be used to identify a person. This includes first names, last name, home address, e-mail address, age, gender and similar contact details.

On this page, you can read what information Jakodan A/S stores about you as well as our partners.

What information do we store?
In order to prepare an invoice and make a delivery to you, we store the following information: first name, surname, address, delivery address if applicable, e-mail address and telephone number. We store additional information about whether you wish to be subscribed to our newsletter.

Information about the items you have purchased, how you paid (online/credit) and your invoice(s) are stored for at least five years pursuant to the Danish Financial Statements Act, to ensure that we have documentation of your purchase for SKAT, the Danish tax authority.

E-mails you have sent to Jakodan, and that Jakodan has sent to you, will be stored for at least 1 year and up to 3 years. The reason for this is, so that we can look back at any complaints, special offers and the like.

If you do not pay your invoice on time, we will also store repayment agreements. We do not store information about your private circumstances, such as whether you are unemployed, your religion or the like.

Data controller
If you would like to know more about what information we store about you (insight request) or to have information deleted, please contact our data controller. However, we are unable to delete information that we are required to store pursuant to the Danish Financial Statements Act.

The data controller at Jakodan A/S is: Nina Katrine Jørgensen, Proprietor
Direct Line in case of questions: Tel. 45 7630 8190

Who is the data disclosed to?
Jakodan A/S does not disclose data unless necessary to use features in our computer programs or the like. Jakodan A/S has data processing agreements with all business partners to ensure secure data processing. Jakodan A/S keeps an internal record of our processing of data, as well as a list of which third party companies have access to data and when they have had access, for example if we receive external support for our computer systems.

Internal departments | All employees at Jakodan have access to e-mails and the accounting system.

Freight forwarders | Your e-mail address, telephone number, first and last name and delivery address are passed on to the freight company that delivers your package/pallet (GLS/Dachser). The freight company stores a receipt of the delivery for at least 12 months. The freight company may use your e-mail address and/or telephone number to contact you regarding the delivery. This may be in the form of a message when the package is ready for collection at a parcel collection point. They may also call you if you were not at home when the driver attempted to deliver your parcel, in order to arrange a new delivery date.

Consignor A/S | We use the Consignor program to handle our consignment notes as well as for communication with the above-mentioned freight companies. Consignor A/S? support department has access to the same information as the freight forwarders, in case of software breakdown, updates or the like.

ERPgruppen A/S | In the event of amendments, programming, crashes or the like, we use ERPgruppen A/S for assistance with our accounting program. When we need help with the accounting program, ERPgruppen?s employees have access to this via the Team Viewer program.

Datagården A/S | In case of problems with our computers, internal server, printers and the computer programs we use in addition to the accounting program, we receive help from Datagården A/S. In some cases, their employees are physically at our address. For minor issues, they are logged on to our network remotely.

Trustpilot | Your e-mail address is sent to Trustpilot in order to send you an e-mail after your purchase, asking whether you would like to review us on Trustpilot.

Improving Aps | Improving Aps is our web design agency that helps us with our website set-up and programming and to resolve any problems. We work closely with Improving and they have access to all information stored on the website.

Powerhosting A/S | Our servers where the website and all information on the website are stored is hosted by Powerhosting A/S. We have a dedicated server where our information is stored exclusively, however, Powerhosting?s employees have access to the server in case of relocation, updating, crashes and the like.

Ubivox Aps | Our e-mail newsletters are sent out by Ubivox Aps. According to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, Ubivox Aps must store information about your e-mail address, your name, when you subscribed to our newsletter and from which IP address you subscribed. This is to document that you were the one who wanted to sign up for the e-mail newsletter and that we have not been subjecting you to spam.

QuickPay | If you choose to pay online by card via our website, your card details are processed via QuickPay. We can access QuickPay and have access to your order number, the amount, name, address, payment ID and which card you used when you ordered (e.g. MasterCard/dankort). Employees of Jakodan A/S are unable to see your card number, code or similar information and therefore, cannot withdraw more from your card than you approved when you placed your order. However, we may cancel payments made on the website.

Officient A/S | If you choose to pay by EAN invoice rather than paying online or buying on regular credit, your invoice will be processed by Officient A/S. They therefore have access to all information contained in your invoice, including the order number, amount, address, company name, the first and last name of the contact person and the items you have purchased.

Google | To improve our website, we use Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, statistics are stored in summarised form, e.g. how many people have visited our website, their location, how many/what items you have purchased, what pages on the website have the most visitors and the like. Google Analytics has access to your IP address.

Zendesk | Our chat feature on the website stores information about the pages you have visited on our website, as well as anything you have written in the chat. We store this information in order to be able to answer any questions you may ask. From the chat feature, we can see what town/city you are in and what device you are using (e.g. a mobile phone or a Mac computer). We cannot see any further information about you, who you are, your address or the like.

Layline | Layline helps us with our online marketing and development of our marketing strategies. Layline has access to our Google Analytics account, Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager as well as Back-end on our website.

Concept Interest | Our search engine optimisation is done by Concept Interest. They have access to our Google Analytics and Google AdWords account.

Microsoft Azure | To ensure that we do not suddenly lose all information in case of burglary, fire or the like, we use Azure. Our server, which contains our e-mail system and accounting program, is backed up on a daily basis.

Facebook | We use remarketing ads via facebook using your e-mail address. This means that we display an ad on facebook around 2 weeks as well as 4 months after your visit to our website. In addition, we occasionally advertise on facebook. Here, the Facebook Business Manager selects the target audience of the ad.

Instagram | From time to time, we place ads on Instagram via Facebook Business Manager. Here, the Facebook Business Manager selects the target audience of the ad.

Intrum A/S | If you do not pay your invoice on time or your shop closes, we will send you a payment reminder and payment demands. We will also attempt to call you on the telephone number you provided when placing your order. If the telephone number is incorrect, we will try to find the correct number by means of a Google search or If we do not hear from you or you fail to comply with any agreements regarding payment, we will submit your invoice containing the amount, first name, last name, company name, address, delivery address (if applicable) and order number to Intrum A/S. Intrum A/S is a debt collection company that has access to address registers, but none of Jakodan A/S? employees have access to information other than these.

Manufacturers | If you want your logo or address, etc. printed on your packaging, the details will be passed on to the supplier who will do the printing for us. In some cases, the items will be sent directly to your address after printing, rather than sent to Jakodan A/S. In this case, Jakodan A/S will send your company name, the first and last name of the contact person and your address to the manufacturer.