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Mailing Bag S

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Articleno.: 03sb00a4

Bags of really good quality to send clothes by mail, dhl or other shipping companies.
Size Small fits perfectly for shipment of eg. Tshirts, children's clothes, leggins and other clothes.
The post bag is approx. Same size as a plain piece of copy paper (A4).
The clothes bags can also be used to package boxes to protect against dirt and dirt.
The bag is white outside and black inside.

The plastic type is referred to as LDPE, which stands for Low Density Poly Ethylene. Commonly used for carrying bags, this plastic material is a soft but strong plastic that protects your goods well during shipping. The plastic can be disposed of on incineration at disposal and converted to vapor by incineration.

Size 215 x 325 + 40 mm klap.
Thickness 70 micron
100 pieces per box

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