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Cover Celloophanebag S

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Articleno.: 03kbO0002

White cardboard cover for exclusive wrapping of chocolate, etc.
The cardboard layers are flat when you get them, and the cover has bends, so it's easy to put them around the cellophane bag.

You close the carton of the cellophane bag at, for example. To clip it together or to close it with a sticker on the back with your logo, table of contents or the like.

On the cover of the cover, a square window is cut, so you can see the contents of the bag through the window.

This size cover fits a cellophane bag with bottom size S or a blockbottom size S.
The cover is made so you have to fold the bag down in the height before closing the cover around the bag.
Cardboard format when flat (Before folded: 9.5 x 3.6 x 16 cm)

100 pcs. pr. pack

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