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Mailing Box 20 Pink

Articleno.: 01pæ20pink

Flat mail boxes for the exclusive distribution of goods - or elegant gift packaging in the store. The boxes are painted with a beautiful powerful pink color on the outside and is white on the inside of the package.

Set a powerful color on your packages with these beautiful boxes, and create an impression. These unique post boxes are very suitable for delivery of smaller items. For example consignment of cards in size. A5, games, interior articles, furnishings, accessories, lingerie, hair products, make-up, cosmetics, kitchenware and supplies.

The boxes are produced on a Danish factory and are made of FSC-ceritificeret paper in good and strong quality.

The boxes can be folded very easily and quickly see with the video in the gallery. The strong and durable form makes it easy to wrap it up with gift paper and ribbons. This gives a very special and luxurious expression - compared to a soft package.


The inside size 250 x 160 x 30 mm

Outer size 265 x 165 x 34 mm

25 pcs. per. package

Weight 56.6 grams per. PCS.

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