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Textilebags S | Ethical Pack

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Nice cheap textile bags with return closure for shipment of clothes.
Jakodan textile bags are black so you can not see through them, they have built-in plastic pockets for shipping letters, extra space at the bottom, double closure so your customer can easily return - and then they are light but strong.

Plastic made from 80% recycled plastic by consumer. Post-consumer means it is plastic that has been used for other purposes, e.g. packaging of food, toys or the like. i private home. This plastic he collected, purified and remelted into new plastic, and therefore did not use the amount of oil normally used for the brand new plastic.

See our textile bag video how easy it is to use.
Perfectly cheap waterproof shipping of clothes and textiles.

The shipping bags are made of medium hard plastic, which is slightly tougher in the plastic than ordinary plastic carrier bags. The plastic is called MDPE, ie Medium Density Poly Ethylene. This plastic is made of water and carbon and is again converted into steam at the incinerator upon disposal.

Format: 230 x 325 + 60 mm flap.
Quality: MDPE 40 min
Number per Box: 500 pcs.

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