Sealing sticker

6 x 2.5 cm

Security labels for sealing

500 pcs. pr. roll

6 x 2.5 cm

Security labels for sealing

500 pcs. pr. roll

8.00 EUR
When buying 10 packs. 7.00 EUR

At Jakodan you will find transparent sealing stickers to secure your packages.

Are you going to secure your packaging or goods? You can apply safety sticker marks, which reveals if the package has been open and the sealing will be broken.

The sealing labels are transparent so they appear nicely and discreet on your product or packaging.

Use secure warranty stickers with the sealing effect when you want to seal your packaging. The permanent security seal stickers are divided in small sections, so the label smartly will break when attempting to remove the label. The label will dividi into strips and show broken with a slit when tampering.

The labels securely and discreetly seals your product permanently.

The safety stickers have a permanent adhesive glue so the sealing labels can not be purged without seeing it.

The security labels are ideal for shipment of products and for items in store.


Sealing labels for goods

6 x 2,5 cm

Permanent glue

500 pcs.

Item number: 03plom6025

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