In general
At Jakodan A/S we do not demand that you buy full pallets or have any minimum quantities, though most items are only sold in full cartons/bundles.

The colours in the pictures on the website and catalogues can look slightly different in reality. We are happy to send you free samples of packaging materials before you order, so that you can easily see the colours, size and quality of products.

Jakodan A/S shall have no liability in case products are sold out, any inaccurate prices or printing errors on the Website.

How we treat your information
When making an account at Jakodan's Website, we automatically store your information.  You can always login to see information about previous purchases, tracking numbers and invoices from previous orders. You can also use our easy reordering or see which samples you have received from us.

The invoices we make are kept for a minimum of 5 years due to Danish law. You can always get a copy of your invoice if needed.

We do not use any information to send you commercials, newsletters or anything else, unless you gave us permission to send newsletters when creating the account.

We do not give information to any third party except for your delivery address, name and phone number, which are given to the delivery company in order for them to know where to deliver your parcel.

Your email address will be given to Trustpilot, which sends you an email after your first purchase, asking whether you would like to give us a review on the Trustpilot website.

Trustpilot saves your email address, but only to ensure you will not receive the review-email more than once.

If you do not want to give us a review, you can simply ignore the email and delete it, and you will not receive the same email again.

Trustpilot does not pass on any email adresses and it does not receive anything but the email address from us.

If you do not want us to give your email address to Trustpilot, please place your order by phone or email.

Freight costs
When ordering online, the website cannot give you the correct freight information due to the many different sizes of products we have. A roll of ribbon can be cheap to send, but pallets or big boxes can be more expensive, and freight costs will also depend on where you live.

When we receive your order we will send you an email with a proforma invoice, that contains the total amount for products and freight costs.

All you have to do is answer the email and let us know whether you accept the freight costs or not.

If you do not accept, we delete the order immediately.

If you do accept, we will send out the goods as soon as we have received your payment - Any information about payments are included in the email.

Pallets are shipped by truck with Dachser and parcels are shipped with GLS.

You can also pick up your goods at our warehouse in Kolding, Denmark - However, due to European regislations, we are not allowed to sell any goods to your company without adding 25 % Danish tax, if we do not have any evidence, that the goods have left the country.

In countries that are not a member of the EU, there may be additional customs when receiving parcels from Denmark. Jakodan A/S is not liable to pay for any such customs.

Payment conditions
The invoice will be sent to you by email (pdf) after the goods have been shipped. If you have created an account on the website, you can also log on to the website and find a copy.

We do not send out any goods until payment is received.

You can also send us a copy of the payment confirmation from your bank, if you want to save time. Normally payments, from other countries outside of Denmark, will take 1-3 days before we are able to see them in our bank account.

Jakodan A/S retains ownership of the goods until payment has been received.

Complaints & returning products
If we have delivered the wrong items to you, or if the goods have been damaged during transportation, we will arrange to pick up the wrong items, and send you the correct ones as soon as possible.

You will not be charged for any additional freight costs, if we are to blame for the damage.

If any goods have been noticeably damaged by the time you receive them, please tell the freight company at the time of delivery, and the freight company with return the goods to Jakodan A/S.

If you have any regrets in regards to the goods you ordered, including if you accidentally ordered the wrong items, you may return the goods to Jakodan A/S within 14 working days from delivery.

Please call Jakodan A/S or send an email to jakodan@jakodan.dk, informing us on which items you are returning, in order for us to prepare for your credit note to be made swiftly.

You are liable to pay for any return freight costs, and Jakodan A/S will only refund your payment, if the goods are not damaged on arrival at our warehouse.

Any customised products, e.g. wrapping paper with your logo printed on it, cannot be returned.

If you have ordered customised products, the order is applicable from the moment you accept the order and approve the print.

Delivery time
Goods will ordinarily be delivered within 2-3 working days from the time Jakodan A/S ships the goods.

Countries that are not members of the EU, may have an additional 1-3 working days delivery time due to local customs.

If Jakodan A/S unexpectedly run out of stock of any goods you have ordered, our company will inform you about the expected delivery date, before you transfer the payment.

You are always welcome to call Jakodan A/S on 0045 75 54 14 37 or write an email to jakodan@jakodan.dk before ordering, if you want to make sure if the goods are in stock.

Customised products
When ordering customised products with your own print, Jakodan A/S will send you the design for you approval before completing the order.

Jakodan A/S can send you a free sample of the quality and size before going ahead with the production, if you want to make sure that the size fits your needs and the quality is as you expect.

If you order customised boxes, the sample will be handmade and therefore, the quality can vary a bit from the final product.

If you have any doubts or questions

please call us - We speak English, Danish and German

Phone number: 0045 75 54 14 37.