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38.0 x 42.0 cm + Hank

GRS certified cotton

25 pcs. pr. pack


Highend fabric bags for the exclusive store.

The cotton net is made of 100% recycled cotton, collected from residual production - In addition, they are GSR certified.

The fashionable fabric bags have a beautiful aesthetic appearance in an off-white natural color.

On the inside of the bag, at the handles, is printed 100% GSR cotton. On both sides of the web are printed unstable, trendy texts with an environmentally friendly message and a small Ethical Pack logo.

Format 380 x 420 mm

Hank 3 cm x 70 cm

Quality: Recycled Cotton 150 g / m2

GRS Certified

'Ethical pack' label

25 pcs. pr. pack

Item number: 01BN3842G

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Carrierbags | Textile

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